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Active Calls

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Online Application Submission Deadline Hard Copy Submission to the Science Committee

Projected Financing Date

Program Proposals of Scientific Personnel Qualification Development

August 25 September 1

December, 2023

Scientific Personnel (PhD, PostDoc) Training Program July 28 August 4

November, 2023

Probable Schedule of Future Calls

Full Name

Month of Announcement Projected Financing Date
Call for Proposals for Incoming Research Fellowship Programme 2023/2 June 2023 November 2023
Call for the support of joint scientific research projects of the RA MօESCS Science Commitee and the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research - 2024 June 2023 January 2024
Call for research projects application in "Social Sciences", and "Armenian Studies and Humanities" - 2024 September 2023 April 2024
Joint call of RA MօESCS Science Commitee and State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus - 2024 September 2023 February 2024